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Sunday, 22 August 2010 14:14
Welcome to the Hairtransplant and Hair Restoration Gallery from Dr. Patrick Mwamba, Brussels



 Dr. Patrick Mwamba, medical director of the World Hair Transplant Center (WHTC), Brussels, Belgium

Doctor Mwamba is known as a specialist in the hairtransplant FIT technique (= Follicular Isolation Technique or or called Follicular Unit Extraction = FUE) and he offers, in addition to a competent and highly skilled team, these technique to restore hair (hair transplant or hair restoration). He now treated many hair loss patients from abroad.

One of the most experienced FIT (FUE) doctors worldwide

Doctor Patrick Mwamba leads the FIT technology (FUE, oder deutsch Haartransplantation nach FUE/FIT) since the age of 7 by after years as a staff physician at the house of Dr. John P. Cole - one of the most famous FUE doctors in the United States - and today he uses same tools and technology in cooperation. As one of the most experienced FUE hair restoration surgeons worldwide (FUE since 2002!) Dr. Patrick Mwamba and his team World Hair Transplant Center in Brussels is pleased with his offer of modern hair transplant and hair restoration techniques such FIT (FUE deutsch auch FUE Haartransplantation) which achieve natural and aesthetically excellent results and thus look back on many satisfied patients to. He make normal hair transplants but also eye brown transplants and eye lash transplants. Also he often repairs bad hairtransplants (repair transplants) and is specialised on it. An other possibility is bht hairtransplant. But mostly used with patients with a limited donor from head. 

We invite you to go through our hairtransplant and hair restoration results. If you have any questions please do not hesitate and contact us and our customer care center switzerland hairforlife.eu all the time !

Dr. Patrick Mwamba and WHTC Team

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